Adventures in Password Security: AirAsia

When I created a user account at AirAsia’s website a little while ago, I was surprised to be told to choose a password with a minimum length of 16 characters*. I suspect that the average user’s password doesn’t approach that length (perhaps it would be better if it did). In any case, I duly typed […]

Pixel Measurements in WPF

Part of the beauty of the Windows Presentation Foundation is that it is designed to be resolution independent – that is, a WPF application should scale perfectly no matter the system’s DPI setting (excluding any bitmap graphics, which mightn’t look as nice as the vector parts). Instead of measuring things in pixels, WPF uses Device […]

Small Icon Size & DPI in Windows

The GetSystemMetrics function in Windows retrieves system metrics and configuration settings. One such metric is the recommended size (width and height) of ‘small icons’: Small icons typically appear in window captions and in small icon view. Another place where small icons show up is the notification area. MSDN contains a guide to Creating DPI-Aware Applications. […]

Windows 7-style Notification Area Applications in WPF: Recap & Sample

View source on GitHub. Over the past month I’ve looked at how to implement a Windows 7-style notification area application in WPF. I covered 6 different topics: Part 1: Removing Border Resize Part 2: Notify Icon Position – Windows 7 Part 3: Taskbar Position Part 4: Multiple Monitors & Working Area Part 5: Fixing Aero […]