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Last updated: 2013-04-20 (Version 3.2.1)
If Keiki Usage Meter is failing to retrieve your OptusNet Broadband usage data, try changing your password.


Keiki lets you monitor your internet data usage from the Windows notification area ('system tray'). Plugins for OptusNet Broadband are included.


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Update History

2013-04-20 (3.2.1)

2012-11-13 (3.2.0)

2012-04-17 (3.1.1)

2012-03-23 (3.1.0)

2011-06-12 (3.0.4180.38096)

Resolved security issue in settings window. Download/upload split display fix.

2011-06-12 (3.0.4180.34589)

Updated to work with new Optus authentication system. Added balloon notification for updates.

2011-05-01 (3.0.4138.41577)

Crash fixes, minor tweaks.

2011-04-05 (3.0.4112.37107)

Fixed colour settings not sticking. Fixes to low quality theme. Bug fixes.

2011-03-30 (3.0.4106.42921)

Added support for Fusion plans (thanks Paul!). Added tooltip to notify icon.

2011-03-30 (3.0.4106.31007)

Fixed glass colour retrieval bug.

2011-03-27 (3.0.4103.37143)

First public 3.0 release.



As of version 3.2.0, Keiki Usage Meter uses a plugin architecture to retrieve data. The following plugins are included in the package:

Plugin Development

Click here to view the plugin development documentation.


Windows 7 (Aero)

Screenshot: Default Appearance (Windows 7)

Windows 7 (Aero, Blue)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Aero, Blue)

Windows 7 (Aero, Violet)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Aero, Violet)

Windows 7 (Aero, Fuchsia)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Aero, Fuchsia)

Windows 7 (Aero, Custom Colour)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Aero, Custom Colour)

Top-aligned Taskbar

Screenshot: Top-aligned Taskbar

Right-aligned Taskbar (Notification Area Fly-out)

Screenshot: Right-aligned Taskbar (Notification Area Fly-out)

Windows 7 (Aero Basic)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Aero Basic)

Windows 7 (Classic)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (Classic)

Windows XP (Luna)

Screenshot: Windows XP (Luna)

Windows XP (Luna, Olive)

Screenshot: Windows XP (Luna, Olive)

Windows 7 (High Contrast #1)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (High Contrast #1)

Windows 7 (High Contrast #2)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (High Contrast #2)

Windows 7 (High Contrast #3)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (High Contrast #3)

Windows 7 (High Contrast White)

Screenshot: Windows 7 (High Contrast White)


Contact me if you encounter any bugs or have any feedback.