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Unsure of what the Victorian Certificate of Education is? Visit the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority's (VCAA) website for more information.

This archive contains the names of students who achieved scores of 40 or above in VCE subjects in 1998 and between 2000 and 2023. The data (all publicly available) is from the Herald Sun (2012) and The Age (2013) newspapers.

The data has been sorted into the following forms:

If you have VCE-related data that you think should be included in the archive, or if you notice any particularly egregious errors, please contact me.

Example Student Listing

314. McPhee, Peter (Caulfield Grammar School - Caulfield Campus, St Kilda East)
  3 total (Sum: 137)
    English: 43
    History - Australian History: 44
    History - Revolutions: 50

Also see the list of subjects and list of schools included in this archive.


Most lists have two versions - one labelled 'Sorted by Highest Scores' and the other labelled 'Sorted by Total Scores'. The first ordering method ranks a single score of 50 above two scores of 49, while the second method does the opposite.


Do not read too much into the rankings shown here. School populations are not taken into account, so large schools have an inherent advantage, and of course not all students opt to have their scores published. Furthermore, the scores are not scaled (a raw score of 40 in Business Management is not equivalent to a raw score of 40 in Latin). Certain official statistics (such as the percentage of study scores of 40 or above for each school) can be found at the VCAA website.

Known Issues

Update History


Added 2023 data (web version only).


Added 2022 data (web version only).


Added 2021 data (web version only).


Added 2020 data.


Added 2019 data.


Added 2018 data.


Added 2017 data.


Added 2016 data.


Added 2015 data.


Added estimated scaled scores for 2014.


Added 2014 data. As the 2014 Scaling Report hasn't yet been released, estimated scaled scores are not available.


Added 2013 data.


Added online version of the archive.


Added 2012 data. The Herald Sun published scores prematurely this year.


Added 2011 data.


Added scaling data for 1998 and 2000-2004.


Added 2010 school data.

The Herald Sun decided to publish school names for 2010. Thanks to everyone who contacted them encouraging them to release this data.


Added 2010 data.

Unfortunately, school names were not published online this year, so the usefulness of this archive is somewhat diminished. The Herald Sun has this year created an interactive search feature for the VCE data, which I recommend using (while it is still online): you can search by surname and by subject.

Even so, this year's update brings some improvements:

  • Estimated scaled scores are now included alongside raw scores (2005-2010 only - I don't have the Scaling Reports for 2004 or earlier).
  • Included scaling table with raw to scaled score correspondences.
  • Added ranked school lists for each subject without student names included. These give a good overview of which school achieves the most 40+ scores for each subject.
  • Sorting algorithms changed when breaking ties. For example, a student with a single 40 in Visual Communication and Design was formerly ranked below a student with a single 40 in Accounting. The new sorting method uses student names, instead, so a surname starting with A will be listed above a surname starting with Z.
  • Slight formatting changes in lists.


Updated 2009 data to include the subject 'Music Group Performance', which was missing from the Herald Sun's website this year. Thanks to kat148 for painstakingly typing the names out from the paper.


Added 2009 data.


Someone very kindly sent me the data from 1998 and 2000-2005 (it was not published online in 1999). I've sorted through it and included it in the archive. With 10 years' worth of data, the collection is now quite comprehensive.

Other changes include:

  • To save on bandwidth, the archive is now a 7-zip file, not a RAR file (it can still be opened with WinRAR).
  • Filenames have been changed to be a bit more descriptive (I hope).
  • A statistics file is included for each year.

Regrettably the school names in the 2002 data are messy (lots of schools have several listings with slightly different names). Consider this a known issue (I can't see how it can be fixed easily).


Initial version uploaded to this page. Includes 2006-2008 data.


I appreciate feedback, so feel free to contact me. If you find any errors in the archive or think something is missing, I'd like to know. If you have a useful VCE-related resource, forward it on and I might include it on this page.

Source Code & Raw Data

This file contains the source code of the program used to create the lists found in the archive, and the raw data used as input (that is, the data taken from the Herald Sun's website). The program is written in C# and is contained in a Visual Studio 2010 solution.

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