Keiki Usage Meter Version 3.2.1 Released

Tonight I released Keiki Usage Meter Version 3.2.1. This release was prompted by Optus changing some things on their end that stopped the Optus Broadband (Legacy) plugin from working. There are some changes to the way tooltips, buttons, group boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons and check boxes are rendered, but nothing particularly noteworthy. I also […]

Keiki Usage Meter 3.1.0 Released

I’ve released an update for Keiki Usage Meter. There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but the user experience hasn’t changed drastically. Visit the website to find out what’s new. I’m using this program as something of a testbed for some engineering work that I’ll talk about in future posts, including supporting pixel-perfect bitmap […]

Windows 7-style Notification Area Applications in WPF: Recap & Sample

View source on GitHub. Over the past month I’ve looked at how to implement a Windows 7-style notification area application in WPF. I covered 6 different topics: Part 1: Removing Border Resize Part 2: Notify Icon Position – Windows 7 Part 3: Taskbar Position Part 4: Multiple Monitors & Working Area Part 5: Fixing Aero […]