VCE Study Score Archive: Improvements for 2010

The number of years since I finished VCE continues to increase, but I still plan to publish my Study Score Archive once results are released in the near future.

There will be one major additional feature this year: scaling of scores. Newspapers only publish raw scores, which can be misleading: a raw score of 40 in Latin contributes much more to one’s ATAR than a raw score of 40 in Business Management does. This year I will be incorporating data from the Scaling Report published by VTAC to generate a separate set of lists made with scaled scores.

As always, this sort of data should be interpreted cautiously. Consider:

  1. Calculated scaled scores are estimates only.
  2. A raw score of 39 in Latin scales to somewhere between 50 and 52, but it will be missing from the data. Meanwhile, a score of 40 in Business Management (which scales to around 37) will be present.

Lists using scaled scores will be included in addition to the standard raw score lists, not in place of.

I don’t have access to the scaling reports for all the years included in the archive. Lists using scaled scores will only be present for 2006 onwards (unless someone can send me the reports for earlier years).





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