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  • VCE Study Score Archive: Mid-Year Update

    Today I released an update to the VCE Study Score Archive: scaling data for 1998 and 2000-2004 is now included (I hadn’t realised that the scaling reports were available on the VTAC website). Download the updated files here. Note that the 2010 data has not been modified.

  • Study Score Archive Updated for 2010

    Tonight I released the Study Score Archive for 2010. Download it here. Unfortunately, as I noted in the previous post, the Herald Sun did not publish school names along side student names online this year. For this reason, the 2010 release is much narrower in scope than those of previous years. Update: school data now […]

  • 2010 Study Score Archive: Update Status

    Early this morning the Herald Sun published its annual Top Scorers section online. Unlike in previous years where the website simply served a set of static pages corresponding to VCE subjects, this year’s website features an interactive search tool exclusively. It is possible to search by surname and by study name. In general, the new […]

  • Scaled Study Score Interpolation in the Study Score Archive

    As I previously mentioned, this year’s release of the Study Score Archive will feature estimated scaled scores alongside raw scores. Helpfully, VTAC provides scaling data in the annual Scaling Report, but correspondences between raw scores and scaled scores for each subject are provided only for scores that are greater than 20 and are multiples of […]

  • VCE Study Score Archive: Improvements for 2010

    The number of years since I finished VCE continues to increase, but I still plan to publish my Study Score Archive once results are released in the near future. There will be one major additional feature this year: scaling of scores. Newspapers only publish raw scores, which can be misleading: a raw score of 40 […]