Default Password for ‘myLGNet’ Wireless Networks

If ever you stumble across a wireless network with the name ‘myLGNet’ and have need to access it, the default password is ‘123456789a’.

Of course, if the network uses only WEP for protection, it shouldn’t be hard to gain access even without that knowledge.





4 responses to “Default Password for ‘myLGNet’ Wireless Networks”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I wish I read this before breaking into one. Oh well, it was good WEP cracking practise I guess 🙂

  2. Jon Avatar

    I found myLGnet on the list of my internet connections, but this is odd because I never had this before. But, my mom recently came back from Korea and she told me that she ‘s been using that internet connection.
    Will using this connection cause any harm or any kind of monetary charges?
    Also, I am trying to install a new modem, but the service light doesn’t come out and I had an AT&T technician come by to see what was going on and he said there is no “Outside Signal”. This is odd because the previous modem that I was using was also from AT&T but it was working just fine. Does the myLGnet connection have anything to do with it?
    Thank you and please respond!

    1. quppa Avatar

      It’s unethical and possibly illegal to access a secured wireless connection without the permission of the owner. It sounds like one of your neighbours hasn’t changed their router’s password from the default.
      Using a wireless internet connection on your PC shouldn’t affect your cable/DSL modem, but it would be best to contact AT&T’s support services regarding your problem.

    2. Justin Avatar

      mylgnet is the standard access point for a lot of internet phones, which Koreans use a lot, and especially outside of the country because it is linked to a local number and counts as local calling, or very cheap for them. Many i met don’t even realize they can connect devices besides the phone to it (in the U.S. at least). They rarely even think to changed the password. It effectively changes my ipod touch into a Korean radar 😀

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