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  • TeamViewer (sometimes) doesn’t work with DNSSEC enabled

    TeamViewer (sometimes) doesn’t work with DNSSEC enabled

    Update (2022-12-06): It looks like TeamViewer fixed their DNS config (before and after). Update (2022-11-12): I tested again after Frankie in the comments noted that it works on his machine, and indeed it does for me, too, even with DNSSEC turned back on. My only explanation is that it’s an intermittent issue. I couldn’t figure […]

  • WebRender in Firefox 83 in Fedora 33 (KDE 5.20, X11)

    I wanted to test out WebRender in Firefox now that it’s on the brink of being turned on by default in GNOME environments. Despite enabling gfx.webrender.all, about:support showed that WebRender wasn’t working and reported errors including Failed to load EGL library: FEATURE_FAILURE_EGL_LOAD_3 and Failed GL context creation for WebRender. Fixing this in my environment (Fedora […]