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  • Replacement Lisp Icon

    GNU CLISP under Windows sets the default icon for Lisp files (.lisp, .lsp, .cl) to this: I decided to make a new icon based on the style found in recent versions of Visual Studio: This is what I came up with: The .ico file includes 32-bit images at sizes 256x256px (PNG-compressed), 48x48px, 32x32px and 16x16px. […]

  • Installing CUSP (Eclipse Lisp Plugin)

    Update (2011-09-28): My own instructions didn’t work when I tried to install Eclipse and CUSP on a new machine. After much trial and error, I finally got a working setup by downloading a newer version of CUSP from here (version 1.0.414). This seems to work with SBCL 1.0.51 and Eclipse 3.7 (I downloaded the Classic […]