2010 Study Score Archive: Update Status

Early this morning the Herald Sun published its annual Top Scorers section online. Unlike in previous years where the website simply served a set of static pages corresponding to VCE subjects, this year’s website features an interactive search tool exclusively. It is possible to search by surname and by study name. In general, the new format is far superior to the old static pages and reduces at least somewhat the need for the Study Score Archive. The CSV files used to store the student names and scores are also readily accessible: there is one arranged by surname and one arranged by study name. Access to the data already sorted neatly into a CSV file is good news for me, since it means there is no longer any need to manually copy and paste huge chunks of text from 100 separate web pages.

Updated: school data now available.


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Scaled Study Score Interpolation in the Study Score Archive

As I previously mentioned, this year’s release of the Study Score Archive will feature estimated scaled scores alongside raw scores. Helpfully, VTAC provides scaling data in the annual Scaling Report, but correspondences between raw scores and scaled scores for each subject are provided only for scores that are greater than 20 and are multiples of 5 (that is, for the raw scores of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50). As such, it is necessary to somehow estimate the correspondences for the remaining raw scores. This process in general is called interpolation.

A simple method of interpolation is linear interpolation. This is the approach used by Daniel15’s VCE ATAR Calculator, and it is the approach that I will be using in the 2010 release of the Study Score Archive. Other methods might produce more accurate results, but they are harder to implement and without more data it’s not possible to verify which method of interpolation produces the best results.

To illustrate the process, let’s take a look at the scaling of Further Mathematics in 2010 (for scores of 40 and above).

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