Changing the Synaptics ‘ChiralScroll’ Cursor

The Synaptics Gesture Suite enables a variety of useful features for supported laptop touchpads. My favourite is ‘ChiralScroll’, which allows you to scroll by making a circular motion on the touchpad. Synaptics actually offers generic drivers on their website now, so you can download them directly without needing to go via the usual websites.

Unfortunately, the cursor used for ChiralScroll leaves a lot to be desired:

Default ChiralScroll Cursor

At the very minimum, it doesn’t mesh well with the cursors found in the Windows Aero theme. I decided this would be a better cursor:

New ChiralScroll Cursor

I’m misappropriating the ‘Move’ cursor here (a separate metaphor), but I think the image fits with scrolling to some extent. Let me know if you can come up with a better alternative.

Read on for instructions on replacing the cursor.